Bugfix Release – 1.5.3

Bugs Squashed:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Better DS3 from being notified of newly connected controllers when the option “Close Minimizes” was chosen, and you had clicked the close button. Thanks Tobbe!


Size: 742.1 KB
MD5: 607b3ab359df04e10de5d423157efc73
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3 comments on “Bugfix Release – 1.5.3
  1. Jag says:

    I’m sure it was whatever you changed in 1.5.2 (I missed that update), but I no longer have the problem where “Close Minimizes” causes Windows 7 x64 to hang on shutdown.

  2. Tyler says:

    Is there a reason that using xinput makes analog control so terrible?

    when using directinput i have full control over where it is, but with xinput moving the stick at all makes it act like a button press (pushes all the way regardless of how much i move the stick)

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