Bugfix Release – 1.5.2

New Features:
  • Your master profile will now be applied to any detected controllers when Better DS3 starts. Even if they were already connected before.
  • Generic compatible device support. This feature is untested since I have no generics, but it should work, if you have a generic device and are having problems, please send me an email.
Bugs Squashed:
  • Reworked the way Better DS3 detected windows shutdown. Hopefully Better DS3 will no longer prevent your computer from restarting, or shutting down. Although 1.5.1 worked fine for me on both Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP 32-bit.


Size: 742.1 KB
MD5: a2d5d556338fd52eab133e34078d895b
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2 comments on “Bugfix Release – 1.5.2
  1. KMakato says:

    1.5.2 did indeed fix the shutdown issue for me. Thank you!

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