Bugfix Release – 1.5.1

Bugs Squashed:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Windows from shutting down or restarting. Thanks for spotting that Clavus!


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4 comments on “Bugfix Release – 1.5.1
  1. Sibris says:

    Me again, I commented on the support page about adding a test window to simulate button press and thumbstick position.

    I Installed your app, and I’m a little disappointed,… don’t get me wrong, I love what you’ve done here, but it’s a little lacking and I plan to describe that in more detail.

    So here goes:
    – For starters, I noticed that you can assign the same input to different buttons, (i.e. when I hit SQUARE on my controller, I can map it to SQUARE and L1 if I choose to (or accidentally) map it that way. Though I might find a use for this one day (and I think I might have already), I recommend adding a checkbox that prevents duplicate mappings, and have it checked by default when creating a new controller profile.
    – For button and thumbstick mapping, another feature to simplify this process is to allow your controllers input pick the option from the dropdown. Additionally, it would be ideal that if a field was set by controller input, it can highlight the next field and wait for the next button press to assign its settings.
    – I like how you’ve added a XBOX preset button for auto mapping a 360 controller, can you do the same for a PlayStation controller too please? I’ve provided a list of my mappings using ‘DirectInput'(not ‘XInput’):

    Triangle:Button 1
    Circle:Button 2
    Cross:Button 3
    Square:Button 4
    Select:Button 9
    Start:Button 10
    PS:Button 13

    L1:Button 5
    L2:Button 7
    R1:Button 6
    R2:Button 8

    Up:D-Pad Up
    Right:D-Pad Right
    Down:D-Pad Down
    Left:D-Pad Left

    Left Stick:
    X +:Axis X +
    X -:Axis X –
    Y +:Axis Y +
    Y -:Axis Y –
    L3:Button 11

    Right Stick:
    X +:Axis Z +
    X -:Axis Z –
    Y +:Axis RZ +
    Y -:Axis RZ –
    R3:Button 12

    (I do not have Tilt set which I will explain in the next point)

    – Who ever coded the input driver for the SixAxis Controller got it all “WROOOOOOOONG!!!”… dead wrong =.=; The reason behind naming the PS3 controller “SixAxis” is due to it being able to detect motion in six ways: tilting the controller forward, backward, left, and right count as 2. I’ll over look the naming for those (up, down, left, right) but I hope you will set this right and straight. One crucial thing is missing though, what about the rotation (i.e. a level compass you rotate to point north). Of course with the tilt and rotation, that accounts for only 3 Axis’, the other 3 are motion back and forth, left to right, and up and down elevation, but I an willing to overlook that too as practically no PC games need this and probably never will.
    – I recommend a checkbox to turn Tilt(I would rename TwoAxis(/ThreeAxis)) and Vibration off or on, I’d prefer it on the main window, but if you prefer, having them in the Profile setting window works too.
    – Finally, say I want to create multiple profiles using the same input device with some differences, but I don’t want to map every single one individually to match my previous preset again, can you add a import feature from a different profile that matches the input type? That would save so much time.

    Thanks for bearing with me. I hope this was helpful in any way, and I hope you will consider also adding the controller test simulator as I mentioned before. A big “THANK YOU!” for taking up the task of doing a better cleaner and safer DS3 tool for everyone out there.


    • Sibris says:

      Small error on my part, Start:Button 12, L3:Button 10, R3:Button 11

    • Phil says:

      “For starters, I noticed that…”
      This is a feature, it’s intentional, it’s not going away.
      If more people request that feature I’ll consider it, but for now, I’m calling the checkbox feature creep.

      “For button and thumbstick mapping…”
      This has been suggested before, and I may add it at some point, when I have some time.

      “I like how you’ve added a XBOX preset button…”
      This was also suggested before, but I don’t understand why, can you help me to understand why those particular button numbers are more logical than another button assignment? In DirectInput, it’s up to the target software using the controller to decide what button 1 or button 2 means. For instance, I assigned different button numbers to my controller, and I wrote another piece of software for myself that uses these different mappings.
      What I’m asking is what makes one button mapping superior to another, so that it would deserve to be called a default? With XBox 360 controllers, there’s a logical reason to have a default.

      “Who ever coded the input driver for…”
      Hey I can’t help you there, that’s a MIJ thing.

      “I recommend a checkbox to turn…”
      If you don’t want to use tilt, don’t map it, it’s simple. If you don’t want to use vibration dial the sliders down to zero. As far as nomenclature goes, Sony calls their motion detection in their PS3 gamepad controllers SixAxis, so that’s why it’s labeled as such. If game developers don’t use some of those axes, are they to change the wording on the box to account for this? No, because it would lead to confusion.

      “Finally, say I want to create multiple…”
      Well you could duplicate the profile files stored at .\AppData\Local\BetterDS3\*.ds3profile.xml
      Again I see this as feature creep, but will consider it if more people request it.

      • Sibris says:

        I see…

        I didn’t know there could be a different mapping scheme for PS3 controllers, thanks for clarifying that.

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