Feature Release – 1.5.0

New Features:
  • Added portable application compatibility mode. Simply copy your existing Better DS3.settings.xml file and profiles (located under Users\Username\AppData\Local\BetterDS3) to the same folder as Better DS3, and Better DS3 will look for and save profiles and settings there.


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8 comments on “Feature Release – 1.5.0
  1. Oscar says:

    Thank you for your great work, this application works perfect on Windows XP.

  2. Elliot Gindi says:

    Thanks for the update man!

  3. Clavus says:

    Awesome job! Noticed one bug though: if you have “Close Minimizes” ticked (which is good feature btw), it prevents Windows from shutting down automatically (you have to force shutdown, or kill Better DS3 manually). Aside from that, this program is a breeze compared to the shitstorm that is DS3_Tool.

  4. diz says:

    Neat. However, how is the “Automatically apply to controllers when connected” function supposed to work?
    Is it something like a convenient auto-enable of the DS3 controller in the chosen profile whenever it’s connected?

    Because when I tried it, it didn’t do that at all. If it’s not supposed to do that, a feature that does would be pretty nice.

    • diz says:

      Okay, apparently this feature works just fine IF I launch the program before connecting the DS3.
      If I keep my DS3 connected via a cable and launch the program with Windows, it does recognize the controller, but doesn’t auto-apply the profile.

      Could you fix this in a future update?

      • Phil says:

        This is exactly how I intended it to work.
        I will probably change this behavior in my next release since this seems to be causing some confusion.

        • diz says:

          Well, would be great if you could implement a fully automatic apply option.

          Oh and by the way, thanks for the great program. I hate that ad-ridden pile of s… called MiJ.

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