Bugfix Release – 1.2.1

New Features:
  • Added an XBox 360 button for XInput mappings, this button will populate the mappings with the defaults for XBox 360 controller emulation
Bugs Squashed:
  • Assigning a master profile would cause problems when switching from DirectInput to XInput
  • Device change notification messages are more accurately processed
  • Applying a non-master profile would cause problems, when you had a master profile assigned
  • Fixed the delete profile button confirmation message
  • Changed the way the charging animation works, again
  • Changed the layout of the button mapping labels in the profile editor
  • Changed capitalization of some words


Size: 693.2 KB
MD5: 02383e39ee7de353bfb33f55f19b05a5
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5 comments on “Bugfix Release – 1.2.1
  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for this piece of software. It’s working great so far. I systematically have BSODs with mij, but only when my controller runs out of battery and I need to connect to charge it. Hope this front-end will fix it!

    • Phil says:

      I’m glad you like it! Unfortunately, it’s not going to fix your problem. I have this same problem with the MIJ driver. I hardly ever connect my DualShock 3’s to the same computer to charge them because of this issue.
      Maybe I could add a low battery warning sound option in Better DS3. I know that if you plug the DualShock 3 into a different computer than the one with bluetooth connected, it will continue to work via bluetooth and charge.
      Also, if I reboot my computer and then connect my DualShock 3 to USB around the time the Windows logo appears, I don’t get any BSODs.

      Sadly you can’t charge a DualShock 3 from a USB charger. Although I’m currently building a small device which will communicate with the controller over USB to enable charging, I’ll post an update here about it when I’m done.

      • Joe says:

        Hi Phil,

        Thanks for the quick replay. Never tried recharge on another PC, nice idea.

        A small thing to change: The combobox for the profile is not showing the item selected, although it is in fact selected (the XBOX profile in my case)

        Otherwise is such a relief not having to pop-up that hideous green thing every damn time 😉

        • Phil says:

          The box isn’t supposed to represent the currently mapped profile. The only purpose of selecting a profile in that box is to Edit/Delete/Apply it.

          I see now that Selected Profile is a bit ambiguous. The reason it doesn’t reflect the currently mapped profile is because I haven’t yet found a way to query the MIJ driver for the current controller mappings. So in the event you close Better DS3 and reopen it, Better DS3 wouldn’t be able to tell which profile was applied.

  2. anon says:

    Wonderful just wonderful 😀 Keep up the good work 😉 Finally some normal interface, only bad thing about Better DS3 is that it uses MIJ driver but I understand that. So this works on Windows 8 x64 if anyone wonders.
    Good luck Phil and surprise us with more updates 🙂

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