• Compatible with MotioninJoy driver 0.7.1001
  • Supports all controller functions (analog and tilt)
  • Handles bluetooth pairing.
  • Supports DirectInput, XInput, Keyboard/Mouse mappings, and PCSX2 pressure sensitivity.
  • LED assignment, per profile.
  • Vibration strength, per profile.
  • Analog to digital thresholds, per profile.
  • Set It and Forget It, apply your chosen profile to connected DualShock 3 controllers automatically.
  • Never requires administrative privilege.
  • Never goes online.
  • Isn't green.


  • .Net 3.5
  • MotioninJoy driver 0.7.1001 (haven't tried other versions, probably won't work)
  • Testing has been done on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP (you can try others and let me know, it should work everywhere MotioninJoy works)